About The Fund

The ÆON Private Equity Fund (ÆON PE) is a private equity investment fund that has an opportunistic, commercial-minded approach to its investment strategy. ÆON PE makes equity investments in companies that have enterprise values between 10 to 100 million USD where a meaningful stake between 25 to 100 percent is purchased. These companies need to be cash flow generating and traditionally have reference clients. They must have exceptional medium to long term growth potential. ÆON PE is viewed by the owners as “value enhancers”.


ÆON PE’s approach is “buy to sell” where the global network of ÆON PE sourced value deals can be expertly managed and value enhanced. A truly global approach is implemented with specialist expertise to lower risk and maximise financial performance. Typically, the unleashing of value will occur over a three to five-year window. ÆON PE is involved in multiple industries with an onus on technology.